A Brief History of Chessington Methodist Church

Chessington probably dates back to Roman times, there is evidence of a Roman encampment at Castle Hill. 

The manor of Chessington was mentioned in the Domesday book. The manor was purchased by Lord Chancellor Merton for the foundation of Merton College Oxford.

In 1948 a local man was cycling from Chessington to Surbiton Hill Methodist Church. He noticed the land on the corner of Moor Lane and Church Lane.  A corrugated nissen hut was erected on the land, with a brick frontage.    The first church.

1951 saw plans drawn up for a permanent building which was opened on 6 December 1952 (this building is now the Parlour, Kitchen and Small Hall).

By 1958 a new main church building was needed, and the stone laying was carried out in October of that year and the church was opened in May 1959. 

In 1963 the old nissen hut was demolished and the Large hall, with stage, was constructed. It was opened in November 1963. 

Jumping forward to 1996 a new wing comprising the coffee bar, extra toilets, meeting rooms and an office was opened, on the anniversary of the death of John Penfold.

In 2014 the church was refurbished with, an enlarged and raised Dias, upgraded sound, projection and lighting, the church was carpeted, and a commissioned backlit glass cross was installed.